“How To Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner”

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Sierra is a former competitive figure skater, actor, floral designer, mom, and the author of, "How To Attract Your Cosmic Love Partner," a five step guided workbook helping people tap into and reveal their most loving-selves to attract the most loving partners. Her mission is to help bring more love into the world through empowering women to deeply value themselves and inspire them to believe that true love does exist.

Your Go-To LOVE Coach

“The energy throughout the session was nothing short of magical. It felt like a cosmic love infusion, sparking a profound sense of well-being and self-discovery. The guidance provided was not just insightful but delivered with such warmth and genuine care.

In that short period, I learned more about myself and my cosmic connection than I could have imagined. The insights gained were not only eye-opening but also empowering.”

- Christina Kyriakidou

Ready to call in Cosmic Love?

“Sierra offers the perfect combination of spirituality, loving kindness, and goal setting that a to-do-list loving Capricorn, like myself, needs to move forward in life. She goes at the pace you need, and customizes the conversations specifically to your preferences and desires.

I would highly recommend Sierra for anyone looking to find their cosmic life partner! I feel much closer to finding mine after working with her.”

- Kelly Pantaleoni


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